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This production of Cabaret used videos as part of the presentation of the show that are difficult to make out in the recording. There was a video rolling during the pre-show seating that showed pre-war Berlin, with people going about their business, cabarets in full swing, and the general hum of a metropolitan city. During the intermission, there was a much darker video made up of speeches by Hitler and Goebbels, most in Berlin, including the funeral of Horst Wessel. This was designed to intentionally make the intermission uncomfortable to sit through, and succeeded beautifully in that goal. The last video plays during the finale, and is of modern fascist activity, all in the US and all from the years 2017-2022, some literally days prior to opening night of this production.

My recommendation is to watch the production first, to see the context of the video use, and then to watch bits of the pre-show and intermission to have a feel for the mood that was being set. Please watch the finale video after finishing the production if you would like to see exactly what was being shown.

Millennium Repertory Company’s production of Cabaret

Pre-Show video


Link to Intermission video